Golden Services :


We are the main and only distributer of Moringa Peregrina products in the world, which is known as the Most nutritional type among all the species .


We are the only company that works on Moringa as Livestock & Poultry Feed and Supplement.

General services :


1- Research & Development :

Research, education and supporting of Moringa plantation in different climates.
Clinical research on Moringa as Livestock & Poultry Feed and Supplement.
Clinical Research on Therapeutic Effect of Moringa in Pharmaceutical and Medical fields.
Scientific Research on Moringa as a Second generation Biodiesel.
Scientific research about Moringa water purification & Antibacterial effect.

2 - Farming Engineering :

Monitoring all the stages of Moringa plantation from seed to seed according to the global standardization.

3 - Sourcing & Trading :

Buy & Sale of Moringa raw and formulated materials from different species and providing the selective quality of Moringa Peregrina & Oleifera from their indigenous origin.

4 - Formulating & Manufacturing :

Production, Formulating, Packaging & Labeling of Moringa products according to the goods manufacturing practice and global standards.

5 - Regulatory Affairs :

Quality control, achieving FDA of USA, NPN of Canada, SGS of Taiwan, CE of Europe, ORGANIC USDA, ect.

6 - Consultation :

Giving guidance to investors and researchers all around the world and supporting university students globally who are working on any projects related to Moringa production & therapeutic effects.

7 - Charity :

Our charity works to prevent lack of Micro-nutrients, Cancer, Obesity, Poverty and Starvation in the world.