Moringa peregrina Roots for medicinal purpose

Wild Organic Moringa Peregrina Roots

- Evidence-Based Scientific research showed that, Moringa root can cure Ovarian Cancer .

- Moringa leaves and roots contain significant quantities of substances known as Isothiocyanates and Glucosinolates, which can fight against Ovarian Cancer.

- Scientific research showed that Moringa Root Extracts (MRE) can cure kidney stones by increase the excretion of calcium and phosphorous from the kidney also more studies indicate that it can improve kidney function.

- Analgesic & hypnotic effects of Moringa roots have been studied and showed to be effective in patients with insomnia. Surprisingly Helped them with quality and duration of their sleep. 

- MRE became now one of the ingredient of choice in pharmaceutical remedies for sleeping disorders

Moringa Aqueous extract is proved as a strong Anti-inflammatory:

According to the Scientific research which is done by Dakar Med in 2002 and published in

Pubmed (one of the main reliable sources ), in which they have tested the anti-inflammatory Action of an aqueous extract of root in rats and compared it with Indomethacin anti-inflammatory Action. The result of the study indicate that and aqueous root extract of Moringa Oleifera at 750 mg/kg Reduces the carrageenin induced Oedema to similar extend as the potent anti-inflammatory drug indomethacin.