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Properties of Moringa oleifera
moringa leaf


Moringa’s popularity is expanding all over the world and is declared as the “World’s most useful tree,” by Science Daily (Mar. 14, 2010).

We are the main and only distributer of Moringa Peregrina products in the world, which is known as the most nutritious type among all the species.

Moringa Oleifera Seeds

Moringa Seeds
Moringa Oleifera Seeds

100% Moringa Oleifera Seeds

Black Moringa Peregrina seeds

Black Moringa Peregrina seeds for Nuts

White Moringa Peregrina Seeds

White Moringa Peregrina Seeds for Plantation


moringa leaf
Highest Oil Content And Pods Production:

DID YOU KNOW Moringa Peregrina Oil content is more than 50% and has the highest yield of drumsticks ( up to 1000 pods) among all the species.

Fighting For Starving Children:

DID YOU KNOW one Moringa tree is enough to feed a child for 1 year and cover all nutrient requirements.

Research & Development:

Our professional R&D team work on Moringa product’s potentials in Food & Drug, Clinical Medicine, Cosmetics, Farming, Animal Husbandry, Water Purification, Horology, Shipbuilding, Bio-diesel fuel And Aerospace industries.

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The Project of Ten Million Moringa Trees Moringa VIP

– One Moringa tree is enough to feed a child for 1 year and cover all the essential nutrients.

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